The Study of the Sahih: The Book of the Tafsir of the Qur’an: Surat al-Baqarah 1

Instructor: Shaykh Omar Subedar

Course Overview

We live in an era where the community has been divided between modernity and tradition. While Post-
modernists like to categorically dismiss tradition and feel that they have the inherent right to interpret
the Qur’an anew, traditional academic material is seldom accessed by the average Muslim thus making
them unaware of the richness it holds. It is only upon being exposed to it that the Muslim appreciates
how sincere and genuine the predecessors were in their efforts to connect the masses to the Word of
Allah in an unfiltered manner.

In this program, we wish to display to students the most authentic and vetted Prophetic reports that
Imam al-Bukhari has presented in connection to select verses of each surah. This interaction between
Quranic verses and hadith will provide students with a proper comprehension on why the Prophet
(peace be upon him) is the prime exegete of the Divine word he delivered, and that no person can
develop a sounder understanding of them than him. They will walk away with ultimately being clear if
not reaching the goal of the Qur’an; a healthy relationship with Allah.

Course Features