The Study of the Sahih: The Book of Knowledge 2

Instructor: Shaykh Omar Subedar

Course Overview

Acquiring knowledge on Islam is a duty for every Muslim as prescribed by our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him). Islam is a way of life, and you can only live it when you know it. Learning this beautiful way may be perceived by many as daunting however, the reality is that it is more practical and easier than you may think.

In this course, students will learn the hadiths Imam al-Bukhari has selected to teach his readers the protocols and etiquettes on how to acquire sacred knowledge, how to teach it and disseminate it, and how to engage in scholarly discourses with adversaries in a calm and collective manner. This course ultimately provides a comprehensive roadmap on how to tread the path of knowledge lifelong in a wholesome fashion in order to obtain optimum results.

Course Features