Course: An Analysis of Imam Albani’s Book: Description of the Prophet’s Prayer

Instructor: Shaykh Omar Subedar

Course Overview

Every Muslim aspires to perform their ritual duties as consistent as possible with the teaching of the
Beloved Messenger (peace be upon him). Hence, when they are exposed to information that has been
dictated to them as authentic, they immediately gravitate to it. The downside to this is that they dismiss
all alternative information and develop the notion that any person that follows otherwise is either
wrong or deviated.
Unfortunately, this is the mindset that has been adopted by a number of individuals who have either
read portions of the Imam Nasir al-Din’s book “Description of the Prophet’s Prayer” or have had
information from it shared with them. Since the majority are not exposed to the ijtihad methodologies
of the scholars of fiqh, they cannot appreciate the level of work the goes into reaching a conclusion on a
given matter.

Hence, this course has been devised to help students see both the Hanafi methodology and the Salafi
methodology at play thus giving them an opportunity to gain a better comprehension and appreciation
of different scholarly efforts. Select portions of Imam Albani’s book has been carefully chosen for a
comparative analysis for this very purpose. At the end, students will be able to make a more informed
choice as to which methodology they wish to follow if any, and the misunderstandings that is harboured
by people on both sides will disappear.

Course Features